Job Fair

First part of activity under ‘Mera Rojgar’ is to organize the event where a number of employers and job seekers come together for the purpose of applying and interviewing for jobs. Defined more precisely, a Job Fair is an employment strategy to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers. ‘Mera Rojgar’ shall focus to help the rural people to get the opportunity. Job fairs are typically held in large assembly halls with a booth for each employer. At the front of each booth is a table that displays company brochures and information. Usually, several companies’ representatives staff each booth, standing behind tables as they talk to job seekers. Some companies decorate their booths with banners and signs. Job Fair ranges in size from 5 – 100 employers with many hundreds of job seekers. Even small job fairs can be busy events with lines of job seekers waiting to see company representatives.


Rural Entrepreneurs

Centre for Excellence shall organize this activity in association with innovative technology providers, Financial Institutions and Government Organizations involved in implementation of government incentive schemes for MSMEs. This will help provide access to the technology, finance and government schemes to the person placed in a remote part of the society to start the new business or modernize the existing business to attract more customers.

This is the whole clear concept of Youth Rural Entrepreneur Foundation (YREF) and Center for Excellence. The first project is being started at GAZIPUR district of U.P.

Now in the project, we wish that the Government schemes & facilities support, to be given the farmers & youth, which are entering in the project. Government is having so many schemes for farmers and employment in our nation. As we have initiated a large scale employment program & started to fulfil the dream of our Hon. Prime Minister to double income by 2022-23, alone reaching to the goal is so difficult. Support of Government, MSME, Banks & other so many institutions is required for the same. By 2022, we wish to cover all over the U.P. & Uttrakhand states & then will move over to Nation’s other part.

For the project & Center for Excellence, we have made ready a large team of well-educated management consultants, financial consultants, engineers, farming experts and other support activities partners. To aware the youth and farmers, we have also made ready a short film, picturized on this concept and will release soon to the market. WE have decided to make “NEW INDIA” with the help of these two communities of Nation, youth & farmers.